[Greenbuilding] ... device to purify human waste, make compost and generate electricity

John Salmen terrain at shaw.ca
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No, I have long been a proponent of the slow food movement and the concept
of local diet - but this is a culturally political stance. I live in a
historically food rich area that used to provide food for a much larger
area. That ended with the advent of the freezer rail car.

Ironically it is now lack or loss of local resources and knowledge in the
'first world' that is a concern for soil management and conservation which
is what food production is about. And it is lack of 'first world' knowledge
that has poisoned the food industry.

I have studied waste and water management since the 70's when it was popular
and well funded to invade the third world with 'appropriate technology'.
Those involved quickly realized (if they thought about it) that the models
for appropriate technology were already in place with long working
traditions. In looking for sustainable agriculture you look for functioning
examples and there was a reference for a farm in korea that was 5000 years
old. Paddy or wet field cultivation sites are even older. These are
historical examples of zeri - industry - no waste.

Local food dependence requires all energy to be put back to meet local food
requirement or at some point there is a loss and not enough food. If there
is not enough local energy remaining to meet food requirements then there is
hunger. That is why we have a global food 'economy' that distributes and why
cultures long depended on migrating animal species to renew and replenish
food stores.

Historically my area depended on fish and fowl that travelled thousands of
miles to feed this area. They no longer come in such abundance and so we are
dependent on reefer cars and trains that travel those distances. 

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> So the question goes back to how do we best derive energy from our waste
(basic recycling question) without further contamination. Does it matter
what form the energy takes and how it is used within a community? If health
is a criteria then it does matter as food is now global and bacterial and
viral infections such as cholera, typhoid, Hep A are not limited to a
hundred mile diet.

I would hope that if health is a criterion it matters whether you have a
hundred-mile diet or not - unless you figure it's fine that people poison
themselves through lack of resources or knowledge.
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