[Greenbuilding] "Yes we Can(ada)": The (Tom) Greening of America [OT]

John Salmen terrain at shaw.ca
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Too funny - here is the manifesto

America, But Better: The Canada Party Manifesto
As the American election increasingly resembles a production of CATS
performed by actual cats, U.S. citizens are looking for a new leader. That
leader is Canada, and we want your vote for president of the United States.
Since launching our video campaign in January, the Canada Party has gone
viral, with almost a million hits on YouTube and coverage ranging from CNN
and the BBC to the Huffington Post and German State Television. The new
book, America, but Better: the Canada Party Manifesto, balances the doctrine
of American exceptionalism with a dose of Canadian humility and common sense
in an effort to secure Canada as the new leader of the free world, by proxy.
Our promises: One gay couple will be allowed to marry for every straight
couple that gets divorced. The phrase "job creators" will be changed to "job
creationists," and they will be given seven days to actually create some.
Corporations will still be people, but if they can't provide a birth
certificate they will be legally obligated to care for your lawn. Corners
will be installed in the Oval Office, and timeouts given to congressmen who
can't play nice.
Devoted to restoring America to its former glory, the Canada Party will soon
have the whole world chanting, "Yes We Canada."

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Since the List is quiet these days, a MooseHugger slant on the upcoming US
Presidential Elections  ...


or if the above link gets mangled:


Or if you want to talk "Greenbuilding"  ... how about those "vertical farms"
that seem to be gaining popularity in urban scenarios ?

Me ? I think they're a myopic, dumb idea -- something that might be okay as
a First Year student design project but ...

Okay. My job here is done.

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