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Carol Venolia cvenolia at sonic.net
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I have a friend who has a pond on his land in Southern Illinois. He wants to use the pond as a component of a water-source heat-pump cooling system. He’s looking for a formula (or several?) he can use to calculate the length of collector/coolant tubing he should install in the pond to provide a given amount of air cooling (he understands the need for pump, heat exchanger, fan, duct, etc).

Do you know of such formulas, or where to find them?

Other details, in case they’re relevant:

·  	 	  - He’s looking to cool a 768 cu ft studio adjacent to the pond

·   		 - He may use cheap vodka as an affordable coolant (happy turtles if there’s a leak, says he)

·      		- Electricity will be PV (“so probably a fatter pipe and lower power pump”)

·      		- He’s considering using a salvaged air conditioner heat-exchanger

·      		- In his words, “If I have water temp at about 55 degrees, how to calculate BTUs from a loop of X feet in a D diameter pipe of L length.

Thanks for any help you can offer!

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