[Greenbuilding] floor refinishing on the cheap

Amy Bauman abauman at greengoat.org
Thu Feb 21 15:13:15 PST 2013

Yes Gennaro! 


Like the consideration of time span of a commercial space.  Hadn't thought
of that, and "pollack" is highly stylized, so probably would not be accepted
by the next tenant . a true consideration.  I think this approach would
(still) be perfect for a funky, urban, rough space over a not great Pergo
floor or something that didn't fit.  Like I said . I've seen it done well.


Tangent - I'm dealing with the demolition of a mid-century gem this week.
It's a beauty, and it was well designed . for the previous owner.  I don't
mean to change the subject here, but one aspect of "green" design is
_enduring_ design (and durable materials) that will work for this owner .
and possibly the next.





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