[Greenbuilding] the human factor

Frank Tettemer frank at livingsol.com
Wed Feb 27 09:39:11 PST 2013

Alan, that's a good treatise!
You make a very good point about how the 'new' home has such delicious 
new features that of course the clients would love to use them. The 
Energy Star fridge/freezer is an immediate example. AND, they chose to 
keep the older fridge running, as well.
Certainly your comments around the newer electronics, more powerful cell 
phones, etc. offer an explanation around how newer does not imply more 
energy savings, just that newer offers more opportunities to use more 

The human factor is at work in every decision that this planet endures 
around climate change.  We use more power because we can use more power.
We are enthralled with the activities and the outcomes of using our 
latest electronics, and feel much more in touch with distant friends, 
via Facebook, Twitter, etc.
Even the sense of community and exchange resulting from this very list 
serve is inviting, rewarding, and educational. And also energy consuming.

My design firm, and our construction crew, build predominantly off-grid, 
energy efficient homes, and have done so for a couple of decades.
I build bigger homes, with more and more energy consuming opportunities 
now, than I did ten years ago. No amount of persuading from my part has 
slowed down that steady increase of consumption.
I think that the back-to-the-landers of the seventies have got it right. 
We need to reduce, reuse and recycle, and diligently attempt to stop the 
flow of increased consumption. And that is the human factor.

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