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Sacie, I was curious about their bold statements when they first stared
their publicity releases. I asked if the insulation was water proof or
at-least water resistant, the reply was NO. So their statements that it
would replacement EPS is a BIG lie, but I already surmised that.

Advanced, Super Insulated, Building Systems

On Wed, Jul 24, 2013 at 7:16 PM, Sacie Lambertson <
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> A short while back someone posted something about a new use for
> mushrooms.  I meant to respond to what sounds like a wonderful/intriguing
> new technology.  I had earlier read of a startup company that had developed
> a technology using mushrooms as an alternative to plastic.  Apparently the
> business actually got going a couple years ago.  I inquired about investing
> in their business, me thinking this is one of the few I hear about that
> really makes sense.  But they are private only.
> So, when I read this below I thought it coincidently interesting too.
> http://dornob.com/mushroom-house-the-tiny-home-stuffed-with-mushrooms/
> Sacie
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