[Greenbuilding] Earthship in New York

Ross Elliott relliott at homesol.ca
Sat Jul 27 12:36:10 MDT 2013

My apologies Gennaro, I thought you were building a typical
packed-dirt-in-tires high mass / low insulation Earthship like the ones I've
seen in New Mexico, so I guess I have no idea what you're building. I'm not
being smug, but I do energy design work for a living and I don't see
sufficient insulation levels in the Earthships I've seen to even meet
minimum building code here, and that includes the Earthships I know of that
were built in Ontario. But I didn't mean to suggest you would build an
uninsulated pile of dirt and tires and expect it to stay warm in winter, I'm
sure you're much smarter than that. I do look forward to seeing how you end
up adapting a New Mexico design to New York's climate!


Gennaro wrote: Ross I find your smugness in your opinion off putting
considering you have
no idea what I am building.

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