[Greenbuilding] Solar air panel

Ross Elliott relliott at homesol.ca
Sun Jul 28 08:48:09 MDT 2013

Hi all,

Thanks for the link Nick - I'm planning to add a solar air panel to my
finally-completed house (which was certified LEED Gold this week) and I
built my first TAPS back in 1979 with Charlie Wing in Maine, but an
off-the-shelf product could also be an option. Does anyone have suggestions
for something designed for a Canadian climate (doesn't have a lot of unit
losses to the outdoors at -20C, zero reverse flow at night) with a PV
powered fan? I know Cansolair makes a good product and has an add-on PV kit,
but they say their fan "is not as loud as a microwave" (which I consider
pretty loud in a hydronically-heated space) and at 30+ watts it has more
draw than a good quiet Panasonic blower. 


Nick wrote: I'd vote for passive solar air heaters ...



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