[Greenbuilding] insulating around windows... best practice

Lynelle Hamilton lynelle at kos.net
Thu Sep 5 06:09:32 MDT 2013

Never thought I'd mention this here, but a cookie press (the kind used 
to make "shaped" cookies) fitted with the pointed nozzle would work well 
and is reusable.

On 05/09/2013 7:37 AM, Frank Tettemer wrote:
> Hi Reuben,
> I like using an on-site mix of Hempcrete, mixed with about 25% 
> Perlite. This is probably a slower install than either spray foam or 
> backer rods.
> And it takes a bit of practice and technique to stuff it into the 
> cavity between the window and rough stud opening. I've tried, somewhat 
> successfully, to use a pastry bag, or cake decorators bag, with a long 
> nozzle to initially fill the space. Then, applying pressureto the 
> filling, to squeeze out any air pockets, and then smoothing off the 
> surface, makes a good seal. A variety of slender masonry pointing 
> trowels will do the job.
> More labour than buying cans of spray foam. However, this uses very 
> little lime and portland in the mix, and the hemp hurds are a 
> renewable material.
> Perlite is admittedly a mined resource but worth it, as it adds some 
> R-value to the hempcrete mix.
> Best of all, there's no immediate use of petrochemicals in the mix 
> materials, and no off-gassing, during application or through it's life 
> cycle..

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