[Greenbuilding] insulating around windows... best practice

Chris Koehn chris at koehn.com
Thu Sep 5 12:22:44 MDT 2013

I'm currently building a home with aluminum clad wood frame windows "direct set" to KD heavy timbers as well as framed walls in-set between timbers. We are using a product called Hanno Sealing tape: <http://www.hanno.com/joint-sealing-tapes.html>. Comes in a roll, self-adhesive, expands quite a bit over time once installed (how much time depends on temp of material and air). The idea is to size the tape to the gap you are filling: allow for ~50% expansion, creating enough pressure for good sealing and to accommodate seasonal movement of surrounding materials. 
Not bad to work with once you get the hang of it. Best tip is to keep it in a cooler until you are ready to apply. 
Not cheap, but seems to be a good, workable, and permanent solution. ~$500 for this project.


Chris Koehn
TimberGuides Design/Build
Vancouver Island, BC

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