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Hello All,

MgO boards are pretty slick actually. I like them. I know the guy who brought (and still brings)  Dragonboard to North America. He's a Building Biologist and pretty keen about doing things right and healthy, so I'd vouch that he's looked into that product. Jason, or anyone, I could connect you for sure. I have no financial interest in the product at all.

The good news about it, is that there is no paper, it's stronger than wallboard, so thinner board for same strength. It can be used inside, outside, in bathrooms, basements, etc. All good things. Can't grow mould, as there is nothing to eat. Think of it as a middle ground between wallboard and cement board and you have it nailed down.

Interestingly, it was discussed in the latest issue of Solplan Review, the Canadian Grandaddy of green building magazines this month. (no website, just old school black and white magazine every so often written by really smart folks.)



Stephen Collette BBEC, LEED AP, BSSO
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stephen at yourhealthyhouse.ca

> What?s the word on the efficacy and usability of magnesium oxide-based
> sheetgoods to use in lieu of sheetrock, such as GreenEBoard, Dragonboard, or
> Magboard? All of the aforementioned are Chinese manufactured, which gives me
> pause.  Is anybody aware of a North American made option?
> Can builders use them without thinking about how different it is from
> drywall?
> Thx,
> Jason Holstine
> Amicus Green Building Center

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