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I found this informative.
It mentions it being made in Canada. Is this true?

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On Mon, Sep 16, 2013 at 8:24 PM, Stephen Collette <
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> Hello All,
> MgO boards are pretty slick actually. I like them. I know the guy who
> brought (and still brings)  Dragonboard to North America. He's a Building
> Biologist and pretty keen about doing things right and healthy, so I'd
> vouch that he's looked into that product. Jason, or anyone, I could connect
> you for sure. I have no financial interest in the product at all.
> The good news about it, is that there is no paper, it's stronger than
> wallboard, so thinner board for same strength. It can be used inside,
> outside, in bathrooms, basements, etc. All good things. Can't grow mould,
> as there is nothing to eat. Think of it as a middle ground between
> wallboard and cement board and you have it nailed down.
> Interestingly, it was discussed in the latest issue of Solplan Review, the
> Canadian Grandaddy of green building magazines this month. (no website,
> just old school black and white magazine every so often written by really
> smart folks.)
> Cheers
> Stephen
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> What?s the word on the efficacy and usability of magnesium oxide-based
> sheetgoods to use in lieu of sheetrock, such as GreenEBoard, Dragonboard,
> or
> Magboard? All of the aforementioned are Chinese manufactured, which gives
> me
> pause.  Is anybody aware of a North American made option?
> Can builders use them without thinking about how different it is from
> drywall?
> Thx,
> Jason Holstine
> Amicus Green Building Center
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