[Greenbuilding] differential thermostat controls for greenhouse

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Wed Sep 25 13:45:53 MDT 2013

On 9/25/2013 2:21 PM, Ross Elliott wrote:
> Does anyone know of an off-the-shelf control system that would turn a 
> ventilation fan on in a greenhouse and dump warm air into a high-mass 
> heat storage room in winter / outside in summer? I want the fan to 
> come on whenever the temperature in the soap-bubble greenhouse is 
> warmer than the heat storage room, aka "the potting shed" (although 
> since it's a Steve Kohrner flying concrete design it's more like a 
> potting cathedral), so it's not a fixed temperature sort of setup, it 
> depends on the temperature difference between the two spaces.
Most solar controllers are differential based.  You could probably use 
one like that.

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