[Greenbuilding] Glass roofing

Frank Tettemer frank at livingsol.com
Wed Aug 13 16:12:34 MDT 2014

Clark, RT, and All,

Clark, you've attached that photo before,
Itis still a thing of beauty. I love thecurvy bracing. It makes it 
appear all so very light and floating.

I have built greenhouses, (for plants), using a similar technique, I 
The roof was built with rafters on 30" centres, to fit the available 
batch of sliding door glazing, from Many deconstructed doors. Bridging 
was let into the rafters, under each shinglede overlap.
It was not too hard,using a sliding jig on a table saw, to cut long, 
tapered pieces of cedar, almost the same length of the glazing, to aply 
to the tops of the rafters, at each "shingled" layer of glazing. 
Silicone was the fastener of choice for the glazing, and it remained 
leak-free for over twenty five years. The slope was almost a "square 
pitch", i.e., slightly less than 12/12. I believe that the steepness of 
pitch helped contribute to longevity.

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