[Greenbuilding] Toxic Materials in Roof Runoff

Benjamin Pratt benjamin.g.pratt at gmail.com
Wed Aug 13 18:06:21 MDT 2014

Don't get me started about road salt....

On Wed, Aug 13, 2014 at 6:23 PM, Erin Rasmussen <erin at trmiles.com> wrote:

> I was at a stormwater conference.  I could have shared the studies that
> also
> look at Copper and Zinc from cars, but it's the green building list.... so
> I
> assumed you would prefer the one about roofs.
> Copper and Zinc from roofs comes up quite a bit in stormwater run-off, and
> the allowed limits here in the US have dropped quite a bit especially for
> industrial permit holders.  In this context, understanding the contribution
> to run-off from the roof material becomes more important,  especially for
> businesses that have to cope with levels of Zinc flowing off their roofs at
> levels that exceed the maximum levels.  Washington State Dept of Ecology
> has
> several studies looking at sources of metal toxins, and also ambient
> airborne toxics.
> Part of the problem may be that fairly obvious point that metal dust from
> cars doesn't stay on cars or roads, it can also become airborne and join a
> variety of other airborne contaminants that stormwater managers, business
> owners and others have to cope with. So the problem for city managers
> becomes one of trying to determine the most effective methods of control.
> (I
> just saw some really good statistical analysis of this from the city of
> Tacoma, if anyone cares).
> And you know, it's not just the folks in the US that worry about metals and
> other pollutants in water....
>  - Erin
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