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I could have sworn that the pitch of a Greek pediment was something like 5.2 in 12. I think that's what someone like Asher Benjamin wrote.

In any case, 6/12 is my favorite pitch because I'm in a climate with little snow, and if you frame a hip roof at 16" OC, the jack rafters fall at 24" OC on the hips.


My favorite pitch is 7.5/12, aka 10 in 16. When I started reviving a 19th cent church, I 
measured the roof pitch to find this odd dimension, 
and assumed it had sagged from a sensible 8/12, but no, that's a Greek proportion: the 
diagonal of the Golden Mean. All the old barns
and churches have that pitch, which I came to see as the shallowest that would shed snow 
and the steepest I could walk on. And it looks right. Ballon framing a gable end at 
16"oc yields studs are in 10" increments.
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