[Greenbuilding] Roof slopes (was Re: Glass roofing)

Bruno M. brunom1 at telenet.be
Fri Aug 15 11:39:19 MDT 2014

Hi Ben

Yahoo-Groups have these days the same problem,
if you post an original message or even just a reply to the list server, 
everybody gets it,
but the one who posted it does not receive a copy, so is in the unknown 
if his message came through.

But just as in those Yahoo-Groups, you can check online if it has 
arrived on the list.

for this Bioenergy list keep this link in your fav's and you'll always 
be able to
go and see in the archive, online.:


Bruno M.

Benjamin Pratt schreef op 15/08/2014 15:51:
> Or 1:1.618
> BTW, I can't see my own messages. Are they going though?
> Ben
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>     A golden rectangle is one from which you can mark-off the square
>     of an end, and be left with a smaller rectangle of identical
>     proportion. If X & Y are the short and long sides, then X/Y =
>     Y-X/X. Why don't these keyboards have a proper division symbol?
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