[Greenbuilding] Green Building Jobs (Thanks Sanjay - I posted this position, and a few others, too)

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Wed Feb 4 12:27:57 MST 2015

I think I posted this to the wrong address the other day, as I didn’t see it in my digest.  I am happy to post green building  jobs or news on our site and through some social media outlets, so let me know and I will take care of it.    


Sanjay - 

Thanks for this information.  Now that Rate It Green’s discussions and groups are categorizing the way I intended (Yay!), I was inspired by your post to create a discussion category where anyone can post green building jobs:  http://www.rateitgreen.com/green-building-community/sustainable-building-discussions/general/green-building-jobs  I had seen a few other ons recently, so maybe this will also prove helpful to someone in the group.  

(FYI - We have shortened Rate It Green’s registration for posting in discussions and groups.  You do need to verify your email and create a screen name and core profile, but there are very few requirements.  If people want to rate green building products and services they have experience with, then we require a full account and more info. about the member.)

I am always appreciative when people can test the site out and let me know how it’s going and what you think! :)  


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  1. Job posting: Residential architect/designer	(Gaithersburg -
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Came across this: http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/mld/egr/4852237978.html? 
Looks like it's by: www.sustainabledesign.com

If people in glass houses didn't throw stones, we'd all be living in glass houses!

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