[Stoves] Secondary combustion.

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John (cc list): 

What percentage of these industrial gas furnaces that you deal with use preheating of the combustion air? 


Is this a totally different question than when working with biomass and pyrolysis? (or coal/coke in SA?) 


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Dear Tom and all. 

I work with industrial gas furnaces, 

Some use a mixture of gasses with H2, CO, CO2, CH4 with traces of C2's to 
C4'4's. - with a HV as low as 16 MJ/m3. Others burn Natural gas with a HV 
of 40 MJ/m3. Some have preheated air and some do not. 

All run with a minimum of excess air, with about 1.5 to 2% O2 in the flue 
gas and very low CO. 

The common factor in all these flames is the 3 T's . Turbulence, 
temperature and time. All having turbulent mixing, A well insulated 
combustion chamber, and a large area for the flame to burn to completion. 

This is the scenario that we need to try and emulate as far as possible in 
the secondary flame of our stoves. How close we can get to this is the big 

John Davies 

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Crispin and All 

Let's explore the plus and minus of preheating secondary air. 

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