[Stoves] A heat-resistant insulation mix

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  Potasium salt !  

Potasium chloride salt cement is used with quartsite to make mais mill
stones .

Strong it must be .






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Jon anderson and wife Flip been making making many self firing clay /organic
mixes --adding some form of potassium salts  to a bout 50-50   volume mix of
clay organic. they have got potash water from leaching wood ashes.   Horse
dung with urine also seems to work well. If you increase the draft
temporarily with a chimney extension and fire hard for several hours. the
stove becomes a miniture kiln and vitrifys the inner linning to brick. The
potassium appears to act as a flux to lower the temperature at which the
clay will vitrify.  I think others on the stove list (Crispin?) have made
similar suggestions It looks very promising Check what Jon and flip have


God Bless



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