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Good points all but you know what: Let  the most practical solution win---as determined by the actual user. I have ultimate faith in that (and not enough patience or time for the debate) myself.
By the way I wanted to send my condolences for the recent tragedy
In Norway. I am just as impressed to the positive about how it is being assessed and handled wisely by those concerned--unlike perhaps the knee jerk reactions to our own 911 here.

Kind regards, 

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> Georg and stovers
> Biochar has come to be, no doubt about that, and what happen in Cambia is what will happen allover as long as you have charcoal fans like Crispin and others. People are desperate for money. The low prices of charcoal will lead to more use of forest, probably short time cheaper household energy, but also competition about the resources for production of charcoal. The women of Richards will loose their material for making briquettes with the enormous quantities char needed for soil improvement.
>              Taken into consideration the fact, the losses of combustible gases lost by production of charcoal,  could nearby cover the need of household energy for people using charcoal for cooking. By changing to charcoal-producing TLUD stoves, whatever Crispin will try to tell us, you will utilize this gases for cooking and in addition have about 20% char left, which could go back to soil improvement.
>             You would have a win/win situation. By changing from charcoal to TLUD, you will have more energy, better health, higher agriculture yields, forest conservation , more jobs, better household economy. What more do you ned?
> With regrds Paal W
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