[Stoves] Fuel production, biochar, and feeding the stove in 2040

Alex English english at kingston.net
Wed Aug 24 19:36:39 PDT 2011


The current state of CO2 use in 'northern' greenhouses is summarized here.


I have heard mention of research work on using CO2 from biomass 
combustion. No specifics though.


On 8/24/2011 9:54 AM, Crispin Pemberton-Pigott wrote:

> There was a time (early 80's) when tobacco was grown in the US in
> greenhouses that were heated by natural gas burners that vented into the
> greenhouse. It was found that highly carcinogenic compounds were formed at a
> higher rate although it was not the higher CO2 that did it, it was an
> incomplete  combustion product. It was quickly banned as a fertilisation
> practise about the mid-80's.
> I had hoped to use the emissions from stoves to fertilise things but so far
> I am unconvinced there would be a reliable and clean exhaust stream. If it
> doesn't work with something as clean as natural gas it is going to be more
> difficult with wood.
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> Your agro-fan Crispin
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