[Stoves] re The Ccharcoal project

Andrew C. Parker acparker at xmission.com
Sun Aug 28 11:34:55 PDT 2011

There are likely many scenarios, where wood is used in large quantities  
for agricultural processing, that TLUDs could be used and the resulting  
charcoal be sold for cooking, or as sequestered carbon.  Ideally, their  
source of primary fuel could then be steered away from large trees and  

Come to think of it, the most effective way of utilizing char for carbon  
credit schemes would be to setup a large purchasing network.  It would  
have the added effect of increasing the price of charcoal (and eventually  
the primary fuel), so as to make it prohibitively expensive for cooking  
and heating.  Maybe the whole thing could be used to subsidize/leverage  
LPG use?

Andrew Parker (Not AJH, and I say that out of respect)

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