[Stoves] Stove terminology

Boll, Martin Dr. boll.bn at t-online.de
Mon Aug 29 14:24:08 PDT 2011

Dears Andrew, Steve 

and all terminology-strugglers,


First of all, Steve you are right!  - Point !


The reason is very easy to tell, but possibly it is confusing peer- (and
more naturally pear- :-) ) thinking itself. 


As English-learned and not English-nourished, I have a problem with the word

Does it mean:

- On bottom? - From bottom?  - Directed to the bottom?

And following that word:  downdraft: draft from bottom? Draft to the bottom?
These two meanings are contradictory.


I would like to erase that problem by avoiding the word _down_, because it
confuses in the different sense, different persons (peers versus pears) use
it by their own different point of view.


Draw a picture, and make simple piles on it (stone-age people knew the
precise meaning, - and we still use piles; even more often than they!)

- .. Sure, school could have taught us better those drawing skills!   ;-) 

But off-school fellows let us try as beginners. Stoves don't need painted
arts to be understood. 










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