[Stoves] Stove terminology

ajheggie at gmail.com ajheggie at gmail.com
Mon Aug 29 15:39:44 PDT 2011

On Monday 29 August 2011 22:24:08 Boll, Martin Dr. wrote:
> As English-learned and not English-nourished, I have a problem with the
> word "down".
> Does it mean:
> - On bottom? - From bottom?  - Directed to the bottom?

It means directed to the bottom
> And following that word:  downdraft: draft from bottom? Draft to the
> bottom? These two meanings are contradictory.

Draught to the bottom or draft to the bottom  according to which side of 
the atlantic you are ;-), draft in queen's english means an unfinished 

I'm happy to try and sketch out some diagrams in draft form if someone 
wants to tidy them up. Or perhaps there is a graphic artist here willing 
to take on the task requested by Steve?


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