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Dear Friends


I think only a couple of you will be in the neighbourhood so it is safe to
pass this around. Note that PASASA will reproduce their famous shack fire
demonstration during which an informal home will be set alight using an
unsafe paraffin stove.


There is a video on the web showing the first 'burning'. It is very
impressive. The temperature in the shack exceeds 600 C within one minute.


It will otherwise be a fun event and a chance to meet the stove and energy
researchers from the SeTAR Centre.






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On 28 June 2011, the Paraffin Safety Association of Southern Africa, is
organizing our annual, national Paraffin Safety Day event at the Shongi City
Sports ground, Tudor Street, Soul City Informal settlement.  The event is in
collaboration with the West Rand District Municipality.  It will take place
from (09h30 to 13h00). 


Paraffin Safety Winter Campaign


The event will mark the launch of the national Paraffin Safety Winter
Campaign. The theme for the campaign is: "It's Your Space, Make it Safe." It
is a call to all citizens to be aware of their household energy safety risks
and to take specific actions to make their space safer. We are doing this in
partnership with, among others, the SABC, the University of Johannesburg
(UJ) Sustainable Energy Technology and Research (SeTAR) Centre and the West
Rand District Municipality (WRDM) Disaster Management unit. A variety of
organizations and people will be in attendance to showcase their services
and products.


Winter has arrived with a vengeance and many household appliances are being
used unsafely.  As a result, many shacks are burning, people are being
maimed and killed and properties destroyed.


As an institution which is committed to enhancing the wellbeing of
communities, in addition to requesting for permission, I would like to
invite you and your organisation to be a part of this unique and powerful
event.  Besides speaking, the DoE are welcome to add its own exhibit.


I am attaching a draft programme and map for your attention and
consideration.  However, in summary, the programme will have the following


1.    Shack fire simulation


With the help of the WRDM and the UJ, we will implement a fire simulation as
the main attraction.  This means that we will build about four shacks,
simulate a fire by knocking a paraffin stove over and filming the whole
event so that we can record how a fire starts, document the fire
temperatures inside, how long it takes to destroy the shack and test the
effectiveness of fire breaks that would be put around some of the shacks.
The UJ SeTAR centre team will be responsible for monitoring the temperature
inside the shacks.


2.    Signing a Formal Working Relationship


The WRDM and the Paraffin Safety Association will sign a Formal Working
Relationship agreement about Area Specific Safety interventions in low
income communities in the West rand.


3.    A door-to-door campaign


We will distribute safety materials in the local community of Soul City,
whilst engaging with community members about how they could remain safe
during this winter. The door-to-door visits will begin in the days prior to
this event. The visits on the day will only be to nearby shacks, giving the
media an opportunity to get a feel for the awareness campaign.


4.    Media interviews


We are inviting the media to cover the event.  As a result, there will be
media opportunities for our partners involved in this campaign.


5.    Lunch will be provided


The National Paraffin Safety Day event will give you an ideal opportunity to
meet with communities and other stakeholders, and provide valuable
information about household energy safety and what your organisation is
doing or planning to do about it.  


In addition, participating organisations will benefit at no charge from:


*	Publicity - your name and the name of your and organization will
receive publicity
*	Positive public relations - you'll be associated with a free
community event providing important information about household energy
*	Networking - you'll have a chance to mingle with other organisations
who share your interest in the safety of communities.
*	The option to display your banners and materials at the venue and
distribute your information to the community.


We hope DoE would be able to participate in this event. I look forward to
receiving your favourable consideration. If you are able to make it please
let us know.


Yours sincerely



Patrick Kulati




NB: Please RSVP Haidee by Thursday 23 June 2011 and advise dietary



Haidee Wheatley

Executive Assistant

Paraffin Safety Association of Southern Africa

Tel: +27 21 671 5767

Fax: +27 21671 0233

Faxmail: 086 504 9864

Cell: 082 566 2826

Email: haidee at paraffinsafety.org <mailto:glenn at paraffinsafety.org> 

Website: www.paraffinsafety.org

P O Box 2321




Organisational Awards:

.         Winner NSTF Award 2006/2007 for outstanding contributions to
science, engineering and technology.

.         Finalist in the National Science and Technology Forum Awards,

.         Winner dti Award for Consumer Champions 2005.


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