[Stoves] Anticipating future markets for stoves and fuels

Crispin Pemberton-Pigott crispinpigott at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 06:22:58 PDT 2011

Dear Friends

One should be aware of the emerging markets in order to plan ahead. The
reason for this is that technologies take years to develop, and the same is
true for fuel supply chains.

There is an excellent paper by at
level_3_11_Paper_534.pdf on the climate emerging in the next 40 years. 

The implications of his work, and that of many others who have studied this
in-depth (Stuiver and Quay, Hoyt and Schatten, Lean, Cliver, Rind, Bard,
Bond, Mazzarella, Friis-Christensen and Lassen, Schove, Sanders &
Fairbridge, Finkl and others) are that we are presently heading into a De
Vries cycle (event). 

The increasing need for space heating and processed space heating fuels that
are customized for dramatically improved stoves opens new opportunities for
inventors and market developers.

In particular the need for processed solid fuels is paramount. They can be
stored, shipped by many means of transport and are generally energy dense.
The appearance of torrefied wood pellets is an example of such a fuel. 

There are lots of new ideas to think about.





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