[Stoves] Anticipating future markets for stoves and fuels

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Dear Jeff
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> And contaminate the drinking water?
# It is impossible for even the vilest of pyrolysis tars to contaminate 
drinking water unless one actually drinks the water. :-) Obviously, I would 
not dump the condensate and tars from my gasifier in the catchment area for 
my well, any more than I would place the disposal lines from my septic tank 
within the catchment area of my well.

#  Certainly, "too much tars and condensate", disposed of in "the wrong 
area", and in "the wrong way" is bad. Same as disposing of septic tank 
effluent is "a bad thing."

#Septic tank effluent is "a good thing" when disposed of "correctly." Proof 
of this is the luxuriant growth that one often finds "downslope" of such a 
disposal system. A poorly designed septic tank effluent disposal system is 
rather vile...smelly, flies, a health hazard, and devoid of growth. Equally, 
pyrolysis products can be applied to the soil and also directly to plants, 
for a great benefit.

# One gallon of pyrolysis liquids spayed over one acre in a year is not a 
problem. One gallon applied per square foot per day is a problem. The safe 
limit is somewhere inbetween.

# Would anyone have any guidelines for safe disposal of such pyrolysis 
products and condensaes?


> Jeff
> On Sat, 2011-06-25 at 12:35 +0000, Crispin Pemberton-Pigott wrote:
>> The use of condensate would be simply to drop it into the ground.
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