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Dear Friends

There are some documents available on line regarding the cooking and fuel
situations in Haiti and the upcoming USAID project there. Lots if helpful
information and a discussion of a broad range of fuels.

Presolicitation: USAID Improved Cooking Technology Program


Nexant's reports:


Appendix 1


Appendix 2


In the Final report "Assessment of Haiti Alternative Cooking Technologies
Program", page A-13 it says

"The average urban household interviewed during the course of this
assessment consumes 2.27 kg of charcoal per day, or just under 2 marmite
(can)/day. This represents 47.29gd/day (~$1.20 US) spent on fuel, which is
28% of the average income of respondents who are employed (average income is
170.11gd/day). Estimates show that rural households are consuming 1.5kg of
wood per day (ESMAP 2007). Charcoal usage among rural households is
difficult to judge because it is based on seasonal variations and is often
sold in different quantities (such as macoute, or donkey sacks), but is
likely around 2.18kg/day in the rainy season among wealthier households."

I think that must mean 1.5 kg per person per day, not per rural household.

The figure of 28% of income being spent on fuel is in the upper range for
the poor. At this level they often engage in fuel switching (burning
garbage, tires, leaf litter) or simply cooking less/ under-cooking the food.
It appears that a great deal of the charcoal being consumed is not produced
in Haiti.



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