[Stoves] Ni/H cooking stone for developing nation cookstoves

Brown, Henry, DoIT Henry.Brown at state.nm.us
Thu Oct 13 14:48:07 PDT 2011

Replacing charcoal production would save trees and prevent deforestation all over the world.

A new reactor Ecat could be simplified into a cooking ceramic stone that produces 1000 F (580 C) temperature.

This stone could produce heat for years, replacing wood fires in developing countries.

A red brick with a cigarette sized reactor inside could cook food and sterilize water.

SAM Kargbo works for SUNY in Albany, NY - Sam is a SUNY educator who grew up in Africa. "This (nuclear cooking stone) sounds really promising. I believe it will help millions. You are right, deforestation is one big problem in a continent like Africa. Many places in Africa are now dry due to the loss of trees being cut down. I would definitely be the first man to go sell the new invention (cooking stone) for you in Africa. "

Scratch Ecat Cartoon: There are more references below.


Ecat uses hydrogen as its primary fuel.
Managing hydrogen ions limits sustaining the Ni/H reaction.
A ceramic Ecat using a solid-state hydrogen fuel source would allow Ecat to be widely used.
US Air Force lab reproduced Ecat and reveals Nickel catalyst.
Ecat could be used in the home to produce steam for heating, hot water, and electric generation for homes and cars.
See attached (Ecat_Nuclear_Reactor_Rankine_Model.doc)
Nickel is a very common waste product from copper mining ($12.10 /LB).
Nickel is the 5th most common element on earth.
The Ecat uses 50 grams of Ni to produce 25kWh (approx)

Girls in developing countries must collect firewood and leave school.
Could students devise a small cigarette sized Ecat to place in a brick to produce heat for cooking?
See attached Nuclear Cooking Stone.doc

I worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory (90-91).
I was a Peace Corps Volunteer working on renewable energy and water in Jamiaca, WI in the 1970's.
I saw the deforestation by firewood collection in Haiti.

Could NIH and DOE develop a solid state hydrogen fuel to power the cooking stone?

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