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Erin Rasmussen erin at trmiles.com
Tue Oct 18 17:57:06 PDT 2011

Hi Stovers,


Mussie Tesfay Misginna  with Mekelle University, Ethiopia was kind enough to
share his preliminary study of a new Natural Draft Gasifier stove that he
developed (with others) to burn coffee husk briquettes and saw dust
briquettes and to produce both enough energy to cook and also biochar. 


Our summary is available here:

his report is (about 830 KB pdf):

Kind regards,

Erin Rasmussen

erin at trmiles.com


From: Mussie Tesfay [mailto:musalitena at yahoo.com] 
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Dear Tom,

Please use the file attached hereby for posting. The title has been
rewritten as "Results from Preliminary Experiments Conducted on Multi-level
Primary Air Entry Gasifier Stove" so as to make it more descriptive of the


With regards


Mussie Tesfay Misginna 

Renewable Energy (M.Sc.)

Mekelle University, Ethiopia

Cell phone: +251 914 413838

Alternative e-mail: musalitena at gmail.com


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Thanks. We'll post it. 


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I am forwarding your report to Tom Miles and to James Schoner for  
placement of the report at the Stoves website and at the  drtlud.com
  website that is devoted to TLUD stoves.

Perhaps Tom can utilize your email message when he posts to the Stoves
Listserv that your report is now available.  That will help get you some
recognition and perhaps some assistance.  Some other people are interested
in central columns for entry of air.  Your multi-level primary air entry
should be a topic of further examination.

Question:  Are charcoal stoves used much in Ethiopia?  If yes, I will
suggest some work with you in the near future.

Paul S. Anderson, PhD
Known to some as:  Dr. TLUD    Doc    Professor
Phone (USA): 309-452-7072  SKYPE: paultlud  Email: psanders at ilstu.edu
www.gtz.de/de/dokumente/giz2011-en-micro-gasification.pdf  (Best ref.)

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