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Dear Dan

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  DD: Dan Dimiduk comments 

  DD What gets me is that even though I am listed in the phone book under "Lot clearing and leveling"  I have not been approached by these people to market my wood.

  # They are only interested in larger wood suppliers that can deliver 40 tons per week on a regular basis. Is this perhaps why they did not contact you?

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   If you visit their site you will find that they are more of a wood location service. They are brokers who take a percentage of the transaction to hook up big users such as utilities with big producers. 
      I wonder how long a producer is tied to their distribution contract. Typically in these situations, businesses use the service to find a customer and then later terminate the contract and go around the middle man. There is a big new pellet producer in south Mississippi who teamed up with a company in Europe to expand and ship pellets to the European markets. As large as that contract is, I doubt they used a middle man to put it together. 
      Dan Dimiduk 


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