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That kind of splash news just makes me smile: The 'bigger is better'  
approach for supplying global markets flops every time when it comes to  meeting 
local solid fuel needs: Why; its just simple economics and sources:  The 
resources are local, the  skills and technology are designed  around bthe local 
community and the product is competitive locally.  Thousands aroudn the 
world are producing their own agroresidue based  briquette fuel at selling 
price to the family of about 6 cents per person per  day and they are gaining 
employment and skills in the process. It can be  replicated anywhere there is 
sustained human habitation: no international  cargo ships; no trucks no 
centralised plant. No centralised  ownership,  just lots of small entrepreneurs 
and trainers doing their own thing on site in  their own regions with their 
own versions, feeding their own families and the  rest of the network with 
their insights in the process.  This kind of  market based briquette 
production and training and local equiipent supply is  active in about 46 nations 

Don't give up Dan. As the all those cargo ship and truck fuel prices  
inevitably increase, it will only get better.

Richard Stanley
_www.legacyfound.org_ (http://www.legacyfound.org/) 

DD What gets me is that even though I am listed in the phone book under  
"Lot clearing and leveling"  I have not been approached by these people to  
market my wood. If you visit their site you will find that they are more of a  
wood location service. They are brokers who take a percentage of the 
transaction  to hook up big users such as utilities with big producers. 
    I wonder how long a producer is tied to their  distribution contract. 
Typically in these situations, businesses use the service  to find a customer 
and then later terminate the contract and go around the  middle man. There 
is a big new pellet producer in south Mississippi who teamed  up with a 
company in Europe to expand and ship pellets to the European markets.  As large 
as that contract is, I doubt they used a middle man to put it together. 
    Dan Dimiduk 
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