[Stoves] Hi TLUDers

Dean Still deankstill at gmail.com
Sat Oct 22 15:06:10 PDT 2011

Hi Stovers!

Sorry to have been out of touch. My email was messed up in a subtle way.

Jim Jetter (EPA/PCIA) is doing a second round of stove testing. He is
finding out fantastic things about emissions, testing, etc. We are very
lucky to have such a great guy and activity going on.

Natural draft TLUDs were shown in the first round to successfully compete
with fan stoves for low fuel use and emissions. Congratulations to Tom Reed,
Paal Wendelbo, Paul Anderson, Ron Larson, Christa Roth, etc who invented and
developed the TLUD!

To those who are going to submit a TLUD to Jim, please feel free, if you'd
like, to come to our lab for a free tune up using the emissions hood.

Strong hot coffee, Fall in Oregon, super low emissions. What could be

All Best,

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