[Stoves] The upside of Down feed

Alex English english at kingston.net
Sat Jan 14 13:42:22 CST 2012

Its a long winter, and old bones and cord wood and Crispin make me 

Attached are two pictures which show my early steps towards 
understanding the limitations of gravity with stoves.
One shows a wedge shaped door spacer "the Artful Dodger' which picks the 
stove's  pocket for draft and connect it to any burner idea I can cobble 
The other shows it operating  with a burner that has a small unsealed 
hopper for pellets. I use a loose lid/follower to ride down on the 
pellets. So far there has been no fumes coming up and out, and the fire 
has not chased the air and fuel back into the hopper. The bottom throat 
on the hopper is about 5 cm diameter. It operates continuously at one 
speed with an input of 1.6 kg of wood pellet per hour.

For a video

May you find inspiration in the foolishness of others.

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