[Stoves] The African Christians Organization Network (ACON) needs our help

Lloyd Helferty lhelferty at sympatico.ca
Sun Sep 9 07:18:18 PDT 2012

Please see this appeal from a Biochar supporter (and small-scale 
producer) in Kenya.

This is an urgent fund-raising appeal on “Global Giving” that needs to 
raise $4,000 over the next 20 days in order to scale up their operations!



Salim is using Cooking Stoves (his "Moto Stove") to make his Biochar.

Salim's project is also featured on the IBI website:

         "The African Christians Organization Network (ACON) has been
    working in Western Kenya since 2000 to empower villagers by
    providing opportunities for development that are environmentally
    sustainable.  Since 2004, they have been focusing their work on how
    to reduce deforestation while improving soils for local farmers in
    the area.  Part of this solution is improved cookstoves and the use
    of biochar."

It might take a few years, but there can be successes with Stoves and 
Biochar -- and YOU can support this initiative right now!

P.S. It is my hope that Salim's groundbreaking successes in Kenya can 
help to pave the way for additional (future) expansion of such 
programmes into other places around the world.


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"The history of every nation is eventually written in the way it cares for its soil."
  - Franklin D. Roosevelt

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