[Stoves] Misconceptions about TLUD origins and operations

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What we call a TLUD stove today, is the simple metal one blaze cooking devise with primary and secondary air intakes put the right places for getting glean combustion. Nobody can say they developed the TLUD, but some like T. Reed, me and Paul A. and others has introduced the system for more practical use. 

As for my part I introduced it at a refugee camp in North of Uganda early 90ies, and the name      Peko Pe (no problem) was given by the Acholi women at the camp just for the reason they could use straw as fuel and did not need to go to the forest for firewood with the same reason as at the Darfur women and girls.. 

The forest was in danger due to the high consumption of fire wood by the 100 000 refugees and to me it was to find an alternative, and the only I found with sufficient quantities was straw that time. And that could do as fuel into the PP TLUD and saving 100% firewood.  

Using firewood into a TLUD you will not save very much fuel, but more efficient combustion will give a better result for the cook. The main advance with the TLUD is the possibilities to use different types of fuel which not will burn that clean in other types of stoves.

By using all types of agriculture, milling and forestry waste as pellets and briquettes you will save the forest and have clean combustion. Boiling un-soaked beans can be a problem, but by using two units or the glowing biochar it is possible. The flexibilities of the TLUD is also unique it can be used for all types of cooking utilities and all types of cooking for household and institutional cooking. 

Best regards Paal W
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