[Stoves] TLUDs: black powder muzzle loaders

Lanny Henson lannych at bellsouth.net
Thu Oct 10 10:29:51 MDT 2013

Jock said,
 "1] pyrolysis zones; 2] biogas barrier zones; 3] biogas combustion zones ; 
4]draft zones.  Do we also need a feedstock zone?"
So many zones and now rotating cylinders?

Maybe it is time to admit that TLUDs are just not just that practical and 
maybe we should be looking for new technology.

Sorry about that, just my opinion.

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> Friends,
> Can we move TLUD technology forward to at least the revolver stage? 
> Rotating cylinders (reactor chambers) sharing a single barrel (stack)? 
> Not talking machine guns here.  Just one barrel, multi shot.  Really just 
> mid 19th century technology.  This single advance would allow what amounts 
> to continuous pyrolysis, rather than limiting to batch mode.
> Thoughts?
> Jock
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