[Stoves] Shields E450c as a way to test char-making stoves (attn: GACC testers)

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The problem is the test being used doesn't work. Never has. Never will. That
because there is no way to determine the energy in the leftover mix of ash,
char, torrefied wood, biomass and water at the accuracy required for the
purpose of calculating energy used. That short of $$ and lab tests.  This
has been obvious to many of us from the beginning and we have always been
looking for a better test method as we continue using the only method we
know.  I have finally figured a better way of doing it -wish it hadn't taken
so long. What we need to do now is quickly get the procedure in the hands of
those that test, regulate and make decisions as to how testing is done so
that we can switch over -and then move on to other important issues. 


Regarding your concern:

As you recently mentioned regarding measuring the amount of char:  "That is
as simple a measurement as you can find."  But to determine char quality you
need lab tests. To determine the energy content you need lab tests. What we
have been (and now still) giving you is very crude and nothing you can use.
I test char for quality and they differ all over the map yet all look the
same - black. Even with my proposed approach you will still need to have the
char tested for quality and energy. Nothing has changed regarding that. Just
that you are not being handed some meaningless number. 


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List,  Crispin,  Frank


   I want what Jim is producing already.  Which of course is already giving
the char mass and percentage.  I also want the same in energy terms





On Oct 11, 2013, at 7:55 PM, "Crispin Pemberton-Pigott"
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Dear Ron and Frank


On the subject of working out how much char is produced:


You gather the char and weigh it and then you know.


Ron, would you prefer the char mass expressed as a % of the initial dry mass
of fuel loaded?




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