[Stoves] Blue flame combustion

Alex English english at kingston.net
Tue Oct 15 20:46:12 MDT 2013

Dear TLUD fans,
I was recently treated to a visit from Dr TLUD, Paul Anderson. One of 
our activities was to do some flame-whispering.  Using my paleo split 
chimney glass combustion chamber TLUD with which we can control both 
primary and secondary air, we managed to explore flame colour and excess 
air.  It is very easy to maintain a tall mostly orange flame with stack 
O2 between 4-7% and C0 less than 100ppm. When I push O2 levels up to 
8-9% the flame shortens and is mostly blue (CO remains <100ppm). The 
flame speed is reduced and it struggles to remain anchored/attached. It 
is essentially a premixed flame burning a tarry gas.



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