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Tue Dec 1 15:07:45 MST 2015

Dear Stovers, 

Crispin writes:

> There was no pot involved. I used a pseudo pot to prevent outside air diving into the combustion zone. The cooking power is calculated, not measured.

I believe this has nothing to do with this stove. It is just an idea presented of how we might go about testing stoves and the terminology being used. Suggesting the same method can be used on other types of stoves. The pseudo pot is  likely a flat metal plate in place of a pot. So the values mean little until the energy of the metal plate is calibrated for the task it is to represent. Box 6.

Box 6 idea.
The plate is heated until water drops spatter on the surface. Then a cube of iron 10cm X 10cm X 10cm is placed on the plate for the time duration found to cook a pot of rice. Then the block is removed and placed into a bucket of water and the temperature rise determine. This same cube is used for the time it takes for flat bread etc. 

Once it is standardized for the different tasks we can determine if there was too much heat, too little or within the range required. 



Frank Shields

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