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Lloyd Helferty lhelferty at sympatico.ca
Sat Dec 5 09:35:51 MST 2015

A significantly important development, Sujatha.


P.S. Congratulations should also go to Paul "Dr TLUD" Anderson (CC'd) 
for his tireless work in promoting these *charcoal (biochar) producing 
cookstoves* over the past many years.


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On 2015-12-05 10:38 AM, ashiq ahamed wrote:
> Dear Group,
> Greetings from Servals, Chennai.
> Chennai is currently at the epicentre of what has been declared a 
> national disaster - due to the floods. And as the city is showing its 
> resilience in peeping out of the floods and looking ahead at a 
> rehabilitation phase, many of us believe that "business as usual" is 
> the best way to be and do and march on. :)
> Please read below an "announcement" that is an honourable achievement 
> for us at Servals. I also hope that this "achievement" will pave the 
> way for more such communities here there and everywhere, bring 
> together more stakeholders to create such achievements - or in the 
> least,offer a precedent to many communities that are as capable of 
> such achievements as Sunderbans, the current project location in India.
> Thank you for your wishes and cheer:)
> Sujatha
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> From: *Sujatha Srinivasan*
> Date: Thu, Dec 3, 2015 at 6:00 PM
> Subject: Fwd: Milestone - Achievement of letter of Approval
> To: Sudhakar Mukundan, Rajan Philip, SAPL Sales, SAPL Sales, SAPL 
> Factory, ashiq ahamed, Jaya Kumar, Servals Accounts, Servals Admin, 
> rene k, Mukundan P, kalyanaraman v
> Dear Servals Family, :)
> The Servals Team is happy and proud to announce that it has received 
> the Letter of Approval from the Ministry for its Clean Development 
> Mechanism (CDM Program) for its cookstove program. Please see enclosed 
> mail from Atmosfair, our German Carbon Funder.
> Highlights of the achievement:
>   * First carbon project with Gasifier cookstoves
>   * Signifies the role of carbon finance and its ability to introduce
>     an new innovative technology to the Indian and also global
>     cookstove market
>   * Signifies Atmosfair's pioneering work in designing a new cookstove
>     methodology at the UNFCCC
>   * Signifies, for the first time, the possibility of including the
>     charcoal production in cookstoves to the carbon credit system.
> Highlights of the project executed in Sunderbans so far
>   * Largest dissemination of gasifiers in the world till date
>   * First ever to build in a charcoal buyback system
>   * Best organised at the local level (kudos to our implementation
>     partner in Sunderbans)
>   * First economic model around cookstoves where the users can "earn
>     while they cook"
>  The Indian Government's approval letter states this nicely - "The 
> Program of Activities contributes to sustainable development in India"
> Regards
> Sujatha
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> From: *Katrin Mikolajewski*
> Date: Wed, Dec 2, 2015 at 6:07 PM
> Subject: Milestone - Achievement of letter of Approval
> To: sujatha, M Banerjee, Bernd Freymann
> Dear all,
> I would like to let you know that we have finally received the Letter 
> of Approval from the Indian Authorities for our CDM GS PoA called 
> "Dissemination of improved cook stoves and generation of charcoal".
> I would like to thank all of the involved partners for this great 
> achievement. In particular I would like to thank Sujatha Srinivasan 
> and Moulindu Banjeree for all their efforts in project development and 
> implementation.
> With this approval in hands, we are now able to introduce a new 
> innovative technology to the Indian and also global cookstove market. 
> This gasifier stove technology originally designed by Dr. TLUD, 
> customized and manufactured by Servals Automation Pvt Ltd. allows 
> beneficiary households for the first time to create income through 
> sale of charcoal produced during the daily cooking.
> For this new technology, atmosfair has pioneered a new cookstove 
> methodology at the UNFCCC and thus opened the possibility of including 
> the charcoal production in cookstoves to the carbon credit system.
> This very special advantage of charcoal generation as waste product of 
> the cooking task, will open new economic chances for poor households 
> and for all carbon reduction projects using this cookstove technology.
> We are looking forward to the further growth of the PoA and a fruitful 
> collaboration with our Indian partners.
> Kind regards,
> Katrin
> -- 
> Katrin Mikolajewski
> CDM Project Department
> 	atmosfair gGmbH
> Fon +49 30 6273550-16
> Fax +49 30 6273550-29
> wolf at atmosfair.de 	Zossener Str. 55-58
> 10961 Berlin
> www.atmosfair.de

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