[Stoves] Palm Kernel Shell Fuel

Muhammad Nurhuda mnurhuda at ub.ac.id
Thu Dec 17 06:38:45 MST 2015

Dear Stovers,

I am glad to share my latest video on the UB/Prime stoves fueled with palm
kernel shell (PKS). To use PKS for fuel, one just needs to drying the PKS
under sun.  No need to select or sort the specific form of PKS. All kind of
PKS can be burnt.

With around 1.3 kg PKS, one can use the stove for more than 2 hours cooking
time. If the PKS is relatively clean from fiber, the burning chamber can be
fueled till 1.8 kg, enough for cooking time around 3 hours.

Please check the video link below.


Kind regards
M. Nurhuda
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