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Dear Jed


It is great that you have market segments with known price ranges and expectations. Cecil Cook found that there was a good question to ask when doing such research. It is, “How much cash can someone accumulate in their pocket (in day’s wages) before it starts to leak out.”

In Lusaka that was about 10 day’s income. At 11 day’s income it starts to disappear through additional routes. Thus if the day’s wage was $0.25 the maximum incidental purchase would be $2.50.  If it was $1.00 it was $10.00. This is independent of willingness to pay, just ability to gather cash. It is a valuable number.

If an improved, or greatly improve stove, costs more than 10 day’s wage in the target category, they would not buy it. If it was ‘lay by’ at the shop until paid for, the amount tripled (because the shop keeper was only willing to do that for 2 months). Finance options are important.





Stoves sold greater than

                          1:  greater than $ 17.77 and beyond: business persons

                          2 : between  $ 7.77 to 17.77  regularly employed workers

                          3 : between  $ 7.77and 2.22 partly employed workers, street food vendors

                          4:  below $ 2.22 marginal families 

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