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*Clean Burning Biomass Cook Stoves: A Quick Summary*

·        The stove body and interior (including the combustion chamber) is
low mass and insulative. The heat from the fire goes into the cooking
process and is not diverted into the stove.

·        The heat transfer efficiency is close to optimal resulting in over
45% thermal efficiency. One successful technique is to combine moderate
firepower (2.5 kW) with very small channel gaps (6 mm) around the pot.
Burning less wood results in fewer emissions.

·        Emissions are reduced by increasing combustion efficiency. An
appropriate amount of wood gas is made. The rate of reactions is controlled
by adjusting the primary air or by metering the fuel.

·        A zone of mixing of air, gases, smoke, and flame is created using
jets of secondary air. The jets of secondary air can be powered by natural
draft in a Top Lit Up Draft stove or by forced air in both Rocket and TLUD

·        The velocity of the jets of air is increased to improve the
effectiveness of the zone of mixing.

·        The cooling effect of the secondary air jets is not allowed to
decrease thermal efficiency below 45%.

·        The amount of wood gas entering the zone of mixing is adjusted
until close to optimal combustion efficiency is obtained.

·        Emissions in the exhaust stream can be further reduced with a

·        Removing the emissions from the living space in a chimney is
mandatory in the United States. The new ARC stoves have chimneys to comply
with WHO guidelines.

·        The cooking function of the stove is designed by local users. The
market viability of the product is determined by field testing involving
stakeholders such as distributors, manufacturers, funders, consumers, etc.
Market testing precedes and informs manufacturing.

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