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Dear AD


Dr Bill Mollison attributed the non-rotting of pine tree needles on the
forest floor in Eastern Mpumalanga to a similar cause: they imported the
trees but not the local biome that goes with them.


The forests on the Eastern Escarpment of South Africa have as much as 2 feet
of accumulated leaf material on the floor which is a terrible fire hazard.
There are no local fungi to break the material down.


Large mushrooms have been introduced and they grow like crazy, seasonally,
and support a large community of workers who harvest them for export. They
are located by looking for humps in the smooth bed of needles and uncovering
them by hand. They also do this in the western highlands of Swaziland. They
are quite valuable.







Dear Stovers,


Some time ago I had expressed the opinion that the formation of mineral coal
during the Carboniferous Era was due to the fact that the microbes that
could degrade lignin were absent at that time. The fact that the
Chernobil-affected trees are also not rotting because of the same reason
gives support to my hypothesis.



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