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Heh heh, Frank


OK, let me extend it:


"There can be no (useful) comparison between stoves until we compare the fuel-stove combinations. And that has only recently been done in a systematic manner. This being that a culturally relevant task is being used and the stove is claimed to be designed for that task and that fuel and moisture level. 


“Useful” = Our PURPOSE of developing better stoves is to improve Real World situations hence the critical requirement to include the context of use in all comparative testing. Fuels to study need to have the same characteristics as site-specific Real World fuels. Using any other in a comparison is a waste of time. 


>Only four people in the World realize this; 


Well…that might be slightly unfair. Every cook who buys and uses a stove knows this. It would be more reasonable, if we are going to generalise, to say that people who do not use these stoves and who mostly work in offices in the Western World, do not realise this. 


But generalisations are usually wrong, right?





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