[Stoves] TLUD pellets stove with a venturi burner.

Roberto Poehlmann roberto.poehlmann at gmail.com
Tue Oct 6 18:53:17 MDT 2015


This is a video of one of my prototypes of a TLUD pellet stove.

The difference with a "normal" TLUD burner, is that it has a 3 inch tube
with secondary air holes after the concentrator ring.
On top of the the tube, i put a cone to expand the path of the gases, to
shorten the flame, and to have a little internal chimney for draft.

One advantage of this burner, is that you can also burn all of the charcoal
made at the pyrolysis stage, with a nice secondary blue flame (if you wish)


Roberto Poehlmann
Valdivia, Chile.
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