[Stoves] TLUD pellets stove with a venturi burner.

Julien Winter winter.julien at gmail.com
Wed Oct 7 12:49:24 MDT 2015

Dear Roberto;

Thanks for the video.  That is an interesting idea for a burner.

I have found that it is a good idea to test a burner over a wide range of
gasification rates, because the patterns of air/fuel mixing and ratio can
change quite bit.

It would be interesting to see how well your burner turns down.  You may
find that there is a point in the pyrogas supply rate between very low, and
medium where the burner becomes a bit smokey, because there is not quite
enough secondary air from the lower holes, but secondary air arriving above
the concentrator ring is arriving too late, and/or not mixing in properly.

I once designed a burner that had a nice blueish flame but only in a narrow
range of gasification rates.  Another burner I have used a lot shows a
shift between the flame dancing over the top of the char bed at low
gasification rates, to a flame originating from the secondary air holes.
Between these two modes, there is a narrow zone in gasification rate where
neither mode is optimal.

At high gasification rates, you have a tall flame.  Is it possible for you
to increase the width of the burner to allow more horizontal space for the

A question that I have been meaning to read-up on is the relative strength
of Venturi effects at the speed of air flow that we have in TLUDs, and the
pressure differential generated by draft.  My gut feeling is that the
Venturi effect is not quite as important as we might think, and that the
effects we see are largely driven by draft.  I am sure someone is going to
have something to say about that.

You have presented some through-provoking ideas.  Thanks for sharing.


Julien Winter
Cobourg, ON, CANADA
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