[Stoves] TLUD pellets stove with a venturi burner. Pictures of a cooking cycle.

Julien Winter winter.julien at gmail.com
Tue Oct 13 20:57:49 MDT 2015

Hi Roberto;

This is an interesting discussion.  A comment and a question.

Comment: the flame speed of H2 is very fast, so you are likely getting H2
burning from the lower air holes.  H2 flames are virtually invisible, so
you will not see them.

A question: do the lower air holes blow the gases and focus heat to the
centre of the burner?  If so, it is interesting that gases get back out to
your upper air holes.  Gases will be entrained into the upper level air
jets, and that could be pulling gases back out the the periphery; along
with localized bouyancy in the flamelets.  The ca 45° upward angle is
likely important.

Adjusting the vertical angle of the air jets would be an interesting
experiment, because I think the angle is critical to the function of your

In my experience, pellet fuels have a lower maximum gasification rate than
some fuels with a more open fuel bed.  If you intend to burn sticks, you
will have to run some tests on those as well.


Julien Winter
Cobourg, ON, CANADA
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